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Comunitatea ROCKWOOL


Comunitatea ROCKWOOL  

Ne dorim să acționăm conștient față de mediu, față de vecinii și comunitatea noastră, și să contribuim la protejarea mediului înconjurător. Este un angajament pe care ni-l asumăm din 1950, cu mult înainte ca sustenabilitatea să devină un subiect interesant, și pe care îl respectăm ca pe una dintre cele mai importante valori.  


The Copenhagen-based ROCKWOOL Foundation, founded in 1981, supports scientific, humanitarian and social goals around the world.

The Foundation’s research unit is one of Denmark’s most respected social and economic think tanks. For example, its study of the Danish health system has been used by governments on both sides of the political spectrum to improve patient care. In addition, the Foundation is a grant giving body and in 2015 it made awards of over £4.8m with a special emphasis on routes in to education, training and employment for disconnected young people.


The Foundation, which is not-for-profit and funded through its control of around a quarter of ROCKWOOL International’s shares, has also supported a range of overseas projects including food security work in Tanzania, peace projects in Lebanon and help for AIDS orphans in Zambia.