ROCKWOOL Contractor Certificate is a document that confirms the competence and skills of a particular contractor, his professional knowledge and knowledge of the properties of ROCKWOOL rock wool. This certificate confirms that the contractor is an expert in the field of building insulation.

The certificate is granted for up to 5 years, and its extension is possible already in the fourth year of the current document. There are two ways to get certified. To receive it, it is enough to submit 3 projects of the same type in one of two categories: insulation of external walls or attic insulation . The contractor may also take part in the training conducted by the Mobile Training Center . Then it is enough to report one, any implementation on rock wool.

ROCKWOOL Contractor Certificate is a document that helps many contractors in negotiations with investors. He certifies the contractor's high quality services, increases his credibility and confirms his qualifications. In addition, every contractor who receives a Certificate can also count on the recommendation of ROCKWOOL.

Especially for CERTIFIED ROCKWOOL Contractors , we have also prepared additional surprises and special actions. They can also become the hero of one of the articles or interview posted in SUPERMAGAZYN. This is an amazing opportunity to gain recognition in the insulation industry.



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